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Welcome to James Fallon High School’s sport program. Our sport day is Thursday afternoon from 1:30pm – 3:15pm and our aim is to maximise participation in a fun and safe environment.

During sport days there are guidelines which all students must abide by:

  • It is compulsory for all students to wear school sports shorts, school polo shirt and runners. 
  • All students must participate with fairness, respect and responsibility for their own actions.
  • Students who misbehave will be dealt through the JFHS Welfare Policy. Repeat offenders will lose the privilege of making their selection of sport for the following term.
  • If a student is injured and unable to participate in sport, they must bring a parental note to the PDHPE staffroom before roll call. These students will attend non-sport and will be required to complete a written sport package.

Year 7 sport

In Terms 1-3 Year 7 participate in a range of organised sporting activities. They also participate in a water awareness program at the Lavington/North Albury Pool. 

In Terms 2 & 3, all year 7 students will experience a variety of timetabled sports upon which they can build their basic skills

Sports choices

In Term 4 they will be given the option of selecting a sport of their choice from the whole school sport selection process.

At the end of each term, students will have the opportunity to select a sport for the coming term. Choices will occur in descending year group order (i.e.- Year 12, then 11, 10, 9 and 8) and sports options will vary term by term.

In Term 4 of Year 11 (as students begin their HSC courses), Year 11 students have the option of choosing Senior Study during sport and utilise the expertise of senior teachers and resources in the school library. Students must be consistent attendees of school sport all year in order to access this option.

Before selecting a sport it is extremely important that students are aware of the total weekly cost of participating and that they are able to commit to this weekly payment. For bus travel, it is essential that students have the exact change of $5.00 to ensure a quick departure time.

Sports carnivals

Throughout Terms 1 & 2 students will participate in whole school sporting carnivals in swimming, athletics and cross country. Dates and venues are attached and specific information will come home regarding these carnivals as needed. Students must attend these carnivals and participate to the best of their ability to gain points for their house (Cook – Yellow, Bass – Blue, Flinders – Green or Tasman – Red).

Sporting teams

Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to trial for school sporting teams. These trials will be advertised via the daily notices during roll call in the morning. All students with a particular interest in a sport are encouraged to trial.

Throughout the year highly skilled students have the opportunity to trial for Riverina sporting teams. These nominations will be advertised via the daily notices during roll call in the morning as well as displayed on the sports noticeboard in the quadrangle. Similarly, Riverina trial dates can be accessed via the Riverina Sports website https://app.education.nsw.gov.au/sport/riverina Nominations must still be through the Sports Coordinators in the Sports Department at school. Students cannot attend a trial day without the official forms signed by the Sports Coordinators.