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Other information

School Canteen

A Canteen, operated by the P & C Association and managed by Mrs Crocker, is conducted at the school. Students who wish to be served at the canteen must form orderly queues in year groupings. Having selected their purchases students move to pay at the checkout. Only one student may be at the checkout at any time.

The Canteen will open during Recess and Lunchtime each day. The Canteen is closed to students before school. EFTPOS facilities are available.

All parents and friends are invited to help at the Canteen.  If available, please ring 02 6025 1688 and speak with our friendly canteen staff.

Lost Property

Lost property can be claimed by making enquiries at the Special Education staffroom. To minimise loss, all items of clothing should be clearly labelled.

Students are advised not to bring valuables to school or to leave valuables or money in their bags.

Parents are requested to purchase uniform items which have pockets large enough for purses and wallets. If larger amounts of money have to be brought to school, students should hand it to a teacher or the school office for safe-keeping.

Student Lockers

Lockers are available for use by senior students.  Any senior student who would like to obtain a locker should pay their deposit at the office, then see the person in charge of the Photocopy/Duplicating Room.  The student must keep the locker clean and abide by the conditions of use. A hiring fee is charged to cover the cost of maintenance and replacement of lockers.