James Fallon High School

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Our Vision

Our Mission

James Fallon High School has as its central concern the achievement of excellence in a rich diversity of academic, social and cultural pursuits.

Our Vision

While remaining committed to the philosophy of comprehensive education and a solid academic foundation, James Fallon High School is adopting new technologies so that its students will be technologically literate and confident in their ability to handle the demands of the twenty-first century. The school has a proud tradition of academic excellence and of success in the creative and performing arts.

The continued development of a safe, pleasant and fully equipped learning environment is a necessary adjunct to the above, as is a firm parental commitment to the school.

We envisage our school continuing to develop young men and women who will be an asset to the community and their nation throughout their lives, following the example of other successful graduates of this school throughout our history.

Our Objectives

By the end of their time at James Fallon High School, students will:

  • have developed the skills of communication by oral, written and technological means for success in the contemporary world
  • be able to demonstrate basic physical skills and an awareness of the value of a sound, healthy body
  • have developed an ability to solve problems in a logical manner providing a basis for decision making
  • be able to demonstrate a belief in the value of tolerance towards others and of respecting other people‚Äôs values and beliefs
  • have developed a willingness to accept responsibility for their own decisions and actions
  • have achieved success in at least one form of human endeavour and consequently enhanced their feelings of self worth
  • be able to function as independent learners
  • have developed a desire to continue the learning process
  • have demonstrated pride in themselves, their school, their community and their country.